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Ep.141 features Jahkori Dopwell Hall, an African American Visual Artist, Illustrator, Poet, Entrepreneur and Teacher whose artwork highlights black life, beauty, history, heritage, and culture. With instruction from the Ringling College of Art and Design, Jahkori was able to master his own unique artistic style, while becoming a professional in the field of fine arts.

Through his themes of black identity and the black experience, Jahkori’s artwork takes viewers on a journey through the African diaspora, with the purpose of raising awareness. While living in New York, his artwork was exhibited at Christie’s Young Visions Exhibit and Lincoln Center’s Abstract Art Exhibit. After moving to Florida, Jahkori’s work has been featured and sold in numerous private art collections, including Art Center Sarasota, as well as the Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center.

In 2019, Jahkori completed an abstract mural commission titled “Stripes of the Seven Diamonds.” During his early career as a Volunteer Teaching Artist, Jahkori realized the importance of black representation in the arts. Working with students from minority backgrounds, including underprivileged and underrepresented at-risk youth has prompted Jahkori to become an Elementary Art Teacher, encouraging the next generation of black artists.

In 2020, Jahkori compiled his art portfolio into a series known as the Black Empowerment Collection – a collection of empowering art pieces created with different mediums. Many illustrations in this collection were included as part of his “Black History Year Calendar” business project which combines his visual art talents with his skills in graphic design and poetry.


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Melanin Drip Chalk pastel.
This illustration was featured as the cover of Melanin March in Jahkori’s 2022 Black History Year Calendar.

The Face of Africa Gouache painting.
This illustration was featured as the cover of Motherland May in Jahkori’s 2022 Black History Year Calendar.

Diaspora of Hues Collage.
This illustration was featured as the cover of Motherland May in Jahkori’s 2022 Black History Year Calendar.

Wrapped in Afrocentric Acrylic paint.
This illustration is featured as the cover of Dark Hue December in Jahkori’s new edition 2023 Black History Year Calendar.