Episode 63 features Jade Alexis Thacker. She is originally from Boston Massachusetts, currently living in Brooklyn, New York. She received her BFA in printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2014. Her work explores anxiety, discomfort, self-image, identity and perception through figuration. Often her paintings are self-reflective and an attempt to better understand her own disposition and psychology as well as an evaluation of her relationship with her own body and existence. She had her first solo show ‘Embarrassment Safe Word’ in 2020 at Kravets Wehby Gallery in New York, and in 2021 she was an artist in residence at the Fountainhead Residency in Miami.

Group Exhibitions include 2020 Kravets Wehby Gallery, “Rentrée,” New York, NY Haul Gallery, “LOOKS,” Brooklyn, NY 2019 198 Allen Street, “Swimming Pools,” New York, NY 2018 Superchief Gallery, “No Joke,” Queens, NY 2015 Museum of Sex, “Dirty: The Lovers Hangover,” New York, NY 2014 Student Life Gallery, Mass Art, “Walking While Woman,” Boston, MA 2013 Mass Art, “The MassArt All-School Show: Printmaking,” Boston, MA 2013 Boston Arts Academy, “Shine,” Boston, MA Selected Bibliography 2020 Saam Niami, “The Contemplations of Jade Thacker,” Office Magazine, October 5.

Jade is represented by the Kravets Wehby Gallery in NYC.

Artist Website https://jadethacker.com/home.html

Fountainhead Residency https://www.fountainheadresidency.com/artists/jade-thacker


Kravets Wehby Gallery https://www.kravetswehbygallery.com/jade-alexis-thacker

Office Magazine October 2020 http://officemagazine.net/contemplations-jade-thacker

‘A bird in the bush is worth two in the hand’

A favorite painting ~ Kerry James Marshall’s ‘Watts’

‘Super Slick vs Radical Privacy Star/ Inner Functionality Olympics.’

‘Big Bird inner dialogue’