Episode Eight features Pauline Willis, the CEO and director of the American Federation of Arts. The AFA is the leader in traveling exhibitions internationally and is an important institution that introduces the visual arts to communities that may not otherwise be exposed to them. In her role Pauline has the unique opportunity to work with prestigious art institutions, esteemed collectors and amazing artists. She is an art aficionado.

In 2011, during her first year at the helm of the organization, she significantly multiplied the number of traveling exhibitions on the AFA’s schedule and generated new connections with museums in South America, Asia and the Middle East. Since then Pauline has worked with various art institutions with the purpose of enhancing the lives of people around the world by exposing them to the visual arts.

She has a passion for putting great works in seemingly incongruous settings, so that they may be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

In this episode she shares her enviable adventures with us.



Pauline Willis at the American Federation of Arts 2019 Gala and Cultural Leadership Awards. Photo: Sylvain Gaboury/PMC via Getty Images.

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