Photo credit: Blaine Davis

Ep.191 Christine Berry earned her Bachelors of Art in Art History from Baylor University and her Masters in Art History and Museum Studies from the University of North Texas. She began her career at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and continued on to the Whitney Museum of American Art. Twenty years ago, she shifted from the non-profit sector to the commercial art world.

In 2013, Christine Berry and Martha Campbell founded Berry Campbell Gallery in Chelsea. The gallery has a fine-tuned program representing artists from Postwar American art, who have been overlooked due to age, race, gender, or geography. This unique perspective has been increasingly recognized by curators, collectors, and the press.

Over the last ten years, Berry Campbell has doubled its roster, staff, and footprint. In 2022, the gallery moved from its original venue to its current 9,000 square foot gallery space at 524 West 26th Street. The gallery represents 34 artists and estates including Lynne Drexler, Perle Fine, Bernice Bing, Frederick Brown, Lilian Thomas Burwell, Nanette Carter, Beverly McIver, and Frank Wimberley.



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Alice Baber, Sounds of Swirl – The Ghost in the Banyan Tree, 1976
Acrylic on canvas, 72 x 95 1/2 in.
Show Dates: April 18th to May 18th, 2024

Bernice Bing, Ideograph #1, 1989
Acrylic on board, 43 1/2 x 30 1/8 in.
Show Dates: September 5th – October 5th, 2024

Beverley McIver, Finding Comfort, 2023
Oil on canvas, 48 x 36 in.
Show Dates: October 10th – November 9th, 2024

Nanette Carter, Cantilevered #18, 2015
Oil on Mylar, 72 1/4 x 62 1/2 in.
Show Dates: November 14th – December 21st, 2024