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Ep. 189 Cierra Britton (b.1996, Baltimore, MD) is a curator and art dealer living and working in New York City. As the director of the Cierra Britton Gallery, her mission is to make space for artists who are creating exploratory work across all mediums.

Founded in 2021, the Cierra Britton Gallery is the first NYC-based gallery dedicated to representing BIPOC womxn artists whose work contributes to the contemporary cultural dialogue across the globe. The gallery’s mission is to make space for artists who are creating exploratory work inclusive of all mediums such as painting, photography, drawing, and performance. Starting as a nomadic and online gallery, our programming has focused on a diverse roster of artists making work that is rooted in storytelling, exploration, and cultural commentary.

Cierra Britton Gallery is creating a safe and much-needed space for BIPOC womxn artists who have historically been marginalized from the mainstream art world. We aim to uphold artists and create community through dialogue and support for the arts.

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