Portrait credit Ian Lewandowski

Ep.181 features Lily Wong, a figurative painter whose nuanced narratives invoke a sense of complex yearning and curiosity around the conditions that inscribe and complicate memory. Often engaged in acts of close looking and intimate contact, the subjects of her work move through dreamlike space and disoriented time. Wong’s paintings probe at the way that literal and metaphorical fracturings influence the body’s relationship to loss, intimacy, and desire. Their stories are never linear, but circular and eternal – a constant arrival and departure from the site of fracture.

Her work has been exhibited at Lyles & King, New York (2023); Various Small Fires, Los Angeles (2022); Harper’s, New York, NY (2021); Kapp Kapp, Philadelphia, PA (2021) and New York, NY (2020); Ramp Gallery, London, UK (2020); The Wunderwall, Antwerp, BE (2020); HVW8 Gallery, Berlin DE (2018); and Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY (2018). Wong currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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48 x 48
Acrylic on paper 2023
Courtesy Charles Benton, Lyles & King

Infinity Loop
47.25 x 24 inches
Acrylic on paper 2023
Courtesy Charles Benton, Lyles & King

Command Point
61.5 x 81.5 inches
Acrylic on paper 2022
Courtesy Edgar Cruz, Various Small Fires

The Sky Breaks Open for Nu
60 x 43.74 inches
Acrylic on paper 2022
Courtesy Edgar Cruz, Various Small Fires