Photo credit: Alex Bershaw

Episode 102 Jamel Robinson is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist working in the mediums of abstract expressionist painting, sculpture, writing, and performance. His work ponders itself alongside maker and audience while serving as a time-stamp of the experiences shaping his life and creative practice. Jamel’s works have gained him notoriety at home and abroad, attracting a variety of prominent collectors.  Jamel has most recently been celebrated by the New York Times and CBS News for his “Beauty from Ashes,” solo exhibition and teaching artist residency at the Hudson River Museum in New York. The body of work was curated in response to “African American Art in the 20th Century,” the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s traveling exhibition of select permanent works which opened at the Hudson River Museum at the start of Jamel’s residency in the fall of 2021.

Jamel Robinson lives and works in Harlem, New York City where he was born and raised.

New York Times
CBS News

“Untitled Canvas Sculpture”, 2016
Plaster, Paint Sticks & Nails on Canvas
12in × 12.5in × 1.5in

“AbuELLA”, 2021
Acrylic, Wax Crayon & Music Sheets on Canvas
46.5in x 48in

“Fighting For Change: A Fist Full of Tears”, 2018
Acrylic, House Paint, Boxing Gloves, Pennies & Rope on Canvas
60in x 48in

“Beauty From Ashes”, 2021
Acrylic, House Paint, Wax Crayon, Sand, Pennies, Wood, Chain & Rope on Canvas
72in x 48in