Episode 48 features art collector Frederick Hutson, the CEO and co-founder of Pigeonly, a platform that makes it easy for people to search, find, and communicate with an incarcerated loved one.  A born entrepreneur, he launched and sold his first business at the age of 19 while on active duty in the Air Force. After an honorable discharge in 2005, he went on to build and sell his second business.

Though his entrepreneurial spirit often led him to new opportunities, his desire to attain the American Dream on his terms took him down the wrong path. At 23, he was sent to federal prison for the illegal distribution of 3,000 kg of marijuana. It was this life-changing experience that motivated him to build a solution that would positively impact the lives of people no one else was paying attention to – inmates and their families. The idea of Pigeonly was born.
Launched in 2012, Pigeonly makes it possible for subscribers to easily send printed photos, letters, greeting cards, postcards, and even online articles from any cell phone, tablet or computer within a few clicks. One of Pigeonly’s most successful products is a low-cost VoIP phone solution, similar to Google Voice, for notoriously expensive prison phone calls. This product alone helps families save over $2MM/year in predatory phone fees per year.

Pigeonly’s accomplishments in the space have not gone unnoticed and have allowed Hutson’s voice to be a part of the overall criminal justice reform conversation.
Hutson’s work has been featured in numerous national and international media outlets, including CNN Money, Forbes, New York Times, Vice, Fast Company, and Complex, et al. With his success, Frederick Hutson has built an impressive art collection.







Collector with artist Derrick Adams.
‘Figure in the Urban Landscape 32’ 2019
Headshot and photograph property of Frederick Hutson.
A favorite painting ~ Kerry James Marshall’s ‘Watts’