In this episode, I feature Marcus Brutus. Marcus is a self-taught artist, who currently resides outside of Washington, DC and New York City. He holds a BS from St. John’s University in Queens, New York, and previously worked in public relations positions in the fashion industry. Being unfulfilled Marcus decided to pursue a career as an artist and has clearly proven to be a talented figurative painter.

Marcus began exhibiting his work and quickly attracted the attention of collectors and institutions alike, with two solo exhibitions, a monograph entitled The Uhmericans, and a solo presentation at EXPO Chicago 2019.

I met him a few summers ago during an exhibition at Harbors Books in Easthampton. I appreciated his work and his demeanor, and I have followed his journey since. I could easily live with his paintings which are a reflection of his personality. Easy and mellow.

You will find his journey compelling and refreshing. Enjoy.

Atelier (2018) Acrylic on canvas 36×36 in

A favorite painting ~ Kerry James Marshall’s ‘Watts’